Summary Edit

The second customer to arrive in your diner; this female character is very busy with business stuff, but loves to recharge with a quick and tasty meal! They are seen throughout most of the game's levels and should with dealt relatively quickly. Their orders can range from very simple to four-item combinations with condiments and complex items.

Likes: Chicken-Burgers and nuggets at lunch, chicken strips and grilled chicken at dinner. Pasta-either mac 'n' cheese or pasta w/sauce. Salmon-a dinner item. Chocolate-breakfast items coated in chocolate from the machine, choc ice cream at lunch, chocolate cake or strawberry cake at dinner.

Unofficial Likes: From the original Burger Shop, they like Onion Rings and Orange Soda. These still appear accurate in Burger Shop 2, though there is no way of confirming this.

Patience: Medium-should not be left for long.